JMS: Matters of Honor (spoilers)

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Subject: JMS: Matters of Honor (spoilers)
+  1: Nov  9, 1995: ehohnbau at (Eric Hohnbaum)
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From: ehohnbau at (Eric Hohnbaum)
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Spoiler protection ahead..

YOu just had to make that jump gate sequence ambituous didn't you.
We never know for certain what happened to the BattleCrab.
Dont suppose you'll cop to telling us exactly what happened?

I was also hoping that the White Star had the moxie to really stand up
to a BattleCrab though.
When are we going to find out just how the Vorlons stack up against them?



From: straczynski at
Lines: 3

     Be of good cheer; the jumpgate blast destroyed the pursuing vessel.


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