whatever happened to... ?

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Subject: whatever happened to... ?
+  1: Nov 11, 1995: wieser at ix.netcom.com (Robert Wieser)
*  2: Nov 17, 1995: straczynski at genie.geis.com


From: wieser at ix.netcom.com (Robert Wieser)
Lines: 7

    Maybe I've missed something, but I've noticed a few characters have
been disapearing recently and I've been haveing trouble keeping up with
the newsgroup. Does anyone out there know what has become of
    1. Na'Toth, haven't seen her since "Acts of Sacrafice"
    2. Lew Welch(sp), We haven't seen him after "GROPOS" at all
    3. General Hague, with all that ha been going on I would think he  
       would be around a little more 


From: straczynski at genie.geis.com
Lines: 5

     Na'Toth was back on Narn during the attack; the actor who plays Lou
has gone on to other projects, and we haven't heard the last of General


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