JMS: B5 and TV Guide?

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Subject: JMS: B5 and TV Guide?
+  1: Nov 11, 1995: chrisk at (Chris K)
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From: chrisk at (Chris K)
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Just had to comment that I'm kind of disappointed that TV Guide 
thoroughly missed B5 starting a new season. I seem to remember you having 
to work a bit to get a good article written by them about B5 a while back 
and wondered if there was going to be any future effort to get TV Guide 
to give you guys another look. (And if the only reason they do give it a 
look is to note that Majel Barrett-Roddenberry will be on the show... 
*grr* =) ).
Also wondering what you think of TNT buying the first season rebroadcast 
rights and what effect you think it'll have on Warner's buying future 
seasons of B5, if it's not too early to speculate...



From: straczynski at
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     As far as TV Guide is concerned, we're perennially a stealth program;
can't find it with radar, sonar, AWACS....


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