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Subject: JMS quoted in Animaniacs
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From: keeper at (Ron O'Dell)
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I haven't been reading either of these newsgroups recently, but since
what I'm pointing out isn't obvious, hopefully I'm the first to have
noticed and posted about it.
In Animaniacs episode 75, there is `The Presidents Song', and when it
mentions how Rutherford Hayes won by a single vote despite Democratic
candidate Samuel Tilden leading in popular polls, there's a drawing of
a newspaper with "DEMOCRATS LEAD POLLS" and the following text (as best
as I can make out):
  of the five year arc, the
"Babylon 5" series ends...if I have
anything to say about it t???? I do.
If something more follows, we'll
see what that is, but it won't be
   The 5 year arc is worked out
considerable detail. 500 single
spaced pages in a triple-
encrypted file. There is a five-
year story arc, yes. What's
"holographic storytelling." I
asked him what the hell this
meant. He said that the image of
pictures side by side. linear
storytelling, wasn't right. That
So, it's all stuff I've seen JMS write, though some lines are cut
off.  I may have made an error or two, also.
It's really cool to see some reference to B5 in Animaniacs, however
subtle it is.  I remember seeing some B5 stuff on a cubicle wall at
Warner Bros. Animation, so there's certainly one big B5 fan there.
Apparently the person has access to r.a.s.t.b5, or read that stuff
off the Lurker's Guide or something.
This is not the first time they've quoted people from the net without
permission.  The fans depicted in `The Please Please Please Get-A-Life
Foundation' say things from the a.t.a newsgroup, word for word.  In
typical fan fashion, though, everyone who was quoted took it as an honor
rather than a slam or a violation of copyright.  I expect JMS likewise
is glad to see this rather than upset.  Now if only there'd be a spoken
or visual reference to something from B5...
Ron O'Dell `Keeper' keeper at keeper at keeper at
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From: jmaynard at (Jay Maynard)
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In article <48jp03$kc4 at>,
James L. Snyder  <nytwyng at> wrote:
>Hate to bring this up, Oh Experts of Berne, but IDEAS (which are what
>USEnet posts are... text of a "verbal" conversation) are not

Have you read the Copyright FAQ several folks have referred you to? Its
author is no stranger to copyright issues on the net; he's wrangled with
them for several years, and is currently in a position to need to be
knowledgeable about them, as publisher of the ClariNet Electronic Newspaper.

If posting something to Usenet places it in the public domain, then he'd be
out of business, pure and simple - because he wouldn't get the UPI feed tp

Usenet posts are no less expressions of ideas - the very difinition of what
is copyrightable - than articles in a newspaper or programs on your TV
screen. Further, do you honestly believe you could take a speech delivered
by, let's say, Tom Clancy and deliver it as your own? Speech is no less
protected under copyright than any other form of expression.
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From: straczynski at
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      I think it's right fine to be quoted; hope they won't mind now when
a quick shot of the Tasmanian Devil Jr. rolls through B5....


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