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Subject: JMS... effects question...
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From: DNEDBLAKE at (Nedblake,dennis M.)
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        in "matters of honor", is marcus' neato-keen collapsible staff 
CGI?  i couldn't tell (which is good, if it was).  if it was an actual 
physical prop, i *want* one.  =)


p.s.  on a related note,  will the narn bat squad be upgrading to 
        similar staves anytime soon?  if so, i'm going to continue 
        keeping my puns to myself =)


From: straczynski at
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     When the fighting staff expanded, it was CGI; physical otherwise.



From: scimitar at (Alex Siegel)
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straczynski at wrote:
:      When the fighting staff expanded, it was CGI; physical otherwise.

Nice piece of CGI that! I didn't even realize.

Alex Siegel (scimitar at

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From: straczynski at
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      If you didn't notice the effect, that's good; you shouldn't in
many cases.  (How many folks noticed that the two-story shot of the
blown sector of Convictions after the elevator boom is a digitally
composited set, using two different sets?)


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