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Subject: Joke Source(Convictions Spoiled)
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Spoiler for Convictions:





OK, JMS delivered his nod to Usenet with
Londo's Lightbulb joke. (I loved hearing
that in Londo's accent, with just the
right touch of nostalgic pride, appropriate
facial expressions...clearly, he's just a 
little tired of his own countrymen
living in the past.)

But what was the source of the joke? 
Is it a JMS original?
If it came off the net, who wrote it?

Dave Moore == djmoore at == I speak for me.


From: straczynski at
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      I don't actually know for certain the origin of the joke; it was all
over the nets, and the BBSs, uploaded places with several gazillion other
lightbulb jokes (after I'd made the original version of this in the show),
which is why I figured I'd drop it into the episode, since it was so common
and associated with the nets.  While in the UK, I met a young man who said
that he had been the first with that variation, and I have no reason not
to believe him.  (A couple other people sent me email saying that they
had also come up with that one; it's kind of obvious I guess, but again,
I have no way of knowing what's true because it was just all over the
place, never with attribution.)


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