ATTN: JMS Thanks for Marcus' long hair!

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Subject: ATTN: JMS Thanks for Marcus' long hair!
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From: csjjh at (Jonathan J. Hunt)
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   I'm glad you added a male character with long hair *in* a positive
light.  Many shows are so conservative that any time you see a man with
any hair at all you know he's the villian of the week or a bum.  In
reality there are plenty of short haired men who are nasties & plenty of
long haired men who are good.  As a man with hair myself, this gets a
little old.  I'm glad you didn't overlook this.   The tail on the new
security officer of Asian decent is a good touch too.  Thanks again for
depicting a man with hair in a good way.


From: straczynski at
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     It's predictable that I'd put someone into the show with who's a guy
with thick, long hair...since every time I look in the mirror I realize
more and more that where I'm concerned, thick, long hair will always be
an unattainable, science fiction concept....


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