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#: 403496 S6/Babylon 5: Upcoming
    23-Nov-95  03:29:41
Sb: #403076-#$0.04: <A Day in Strife>
Fm: Lolita  . Maddalena 102701,3447
To: J. Michael Straczynski 71016,1644 (X)

I loved the way the episode ended almost exactly where it started.  Made me
smile and think how the wheel just keeps turning.

#: 403884 S6/Babylon 5: Upcoming
    23-Nov-95  21:07:10
Sb: #403496-$0.04: <A Day in Strife>
Fm: J. Michael Straczynski 71016,1644
To: Lolita  . Maddalena 102701,3447 (X)

      Yeah...right back where we started....


#: 403885 S5/Babylon 5: General
    23-Nov-95  21:07:13
Sb: #403520-#New Open!
Fm: J. Michael Straczynski 71016,1644
To: Trent K. Johnson 71020,1052

      "Why are starfuries firing on starfuries?"

      Noticed that, eh?

      Wait and see.


#: 403915 S5/Babylon 5: General
    23-Nov-95  23:52:14
Sb: #403078-#DL Query
Fm: Philip Hornsey 74053,2101
To: J. Michael Straczynski 71016,1644 (X)

>> we can't just ship somebody off to Russia or Singapore if we don't like
them.  Real life is a lot more complicated, and this show is patterned after
reality as much as possible.

Up until the coup, was the EA government pretty good? They seem pretty
non-intrusive. They also seem pro-commerce, and very efficient (requiring a
military installation to be self-sufficient) as well as not paying for everying
in sight (like getting the lurkers off B5).

Just curious as to how free people are use to being.

Phil ^^^^

#: 403993 S5/Babylon 5: General
    24-Nov-95  03:19:59
Sb: #403915-DL Query
Fm: J. Michael Straczynski 71016,1644
To: Philip Hornsey 74053,2101

      The EA was fairly easy going, but remember that people are used to a
heavy governmental hand during the Earth/Minbari War.  It's in a way similar to
the situation we had post WW2; the only way we could make it past that war and
survive was through strict discipline, following orders, going along with
rationing, conserving, everything.  And it was that positive attitude that
those who came later would exploit in the McCarthy/Red Scare 1950s, and hit us
sideways in the 60s.


#: 404287 S5/Babylon 5: General
    24-Nov-95  18:01:48
Sb: #404254-JMS: Babcom 96
Fm: J. Michael Straczynski 71016,1644
To: Chris Gardiner 100701,3353

     No, I don't believe I'm slated for Babcom 96, but I will be at the
Encounter in the UK in April or so.  (Details are in the library somewhere.)


#: 404272 S5/Babylon 5: General
    24-Nov-95  17:41:10
Sb: #B5 Blueprints/Models?
Fm: Brian Deane 100121,26
To: J. Michael Straczynski 71016,1644 (X)


   Not sure if this is old news, but I just picked up a copy of the
November/December 1995 issue of "Sci-Fi & Fantasy MODELS" which proclaims on
its front cover "FREE with this issue, Babylon 5 Blueprint Worth L2.95!!"

   One of the ads inside the mag offers models of "B.5 STAR FURY, 1/32 scale
approx 8" long.  12" long wingspan ltd to 50 kits".

   Are these blueprints and star fury models legit?


#: 404288 S5/Babylon 5: General
    24-Nov-95  18:01:48
Sb: #404272-#B5 Blueprints/Models?
Fm: J. Michael Straczynski 71016,1644
To: Brian Deane 100121,26 (X)

      Nope, this is strictly illegal.  Could you send me a copy of the magazine
at the following address, so we can nail their heads to the wall? Babylon 5,
14431 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 260, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423. (Send it to my



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