A note about spoilers and archives

B5JMS Poster b5jms-owner at shekel.mcl.cs.columbia.edu
Tue Oct 10 14:03:10 EDT 1995

Before I say what I want to, let me assure you that I will try my best to
keep the "moderator chatter" to a minimum.  That said, on to my points.

(1) I've sent out the announcement of b5jms-digest, the digest version of
b5jms.  You're welcome to use it.

(2) The two lists, b5jms and b5jms-digest, current have 471 subscribers!
Far more than I had expected, but I'm pleased.  Within 24 hours of the
list's announcement I had over 200 new subscribers.

(3) There are now monthly archives of all b5jms articles in
and archives of the digest (one per volume/issue) in

(4) In the next week new B5 episodes will air in the US, starting with the
last 4 of season 2, and following immediately with 5 new episodes of season
3.  This means for over two months there will be a lot more activity on
rastb5 than there was in the past few months.  Also, with the airing of the
last 4 in the US, JMS has promised to finally begin answering detailed
questions about those episodes.

This means there would be more postings to rastb5, and more replies from
JMS, thus more messages in b5jms and b5jms-digest.  It is likely that lots
of these message will contain spoilers.  The threads that are generated and
posted to b5jms are automatic.  There is no way to filter out spoilers (nor
do I intend to).  The same spoiler protection that exists in the articles is
copied to the thread, so reading b5jms is no more safer or "dangerous" than
reading rastb5 directly.

If you don't wish to get that much volume, or be possibly spoiled, you may
choose to use the digest version instead, of unsubscribe for some time and
then resubscribe, or simply hold off on reading the messages until you've
seen the episodes.  You can always go back and read the messages that were
sent to b5jms from the archives (see #3 above).

Enjoy it.

B5JMS Poster.

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