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	Dear JMS:

When we first met Talia, she was completely dependent.  Like
the litany says, the Corps was her father and mother, it fed
and clothed her, and her loyalty was absolute.

Over time, through her meetings with Ironheart, her contact
with Ivanova, and the encouter with the runaway telepaths
in "Race," she grew away from the Corps, and began to define
her identity seperately.  Ironheart's gift gave her potential
as a weapon against the Corps, but more important was the 
proof that a fundamentally decent person, even if raised
their whole lives by the corrupt, still had a chance to
choose their own path.

And in the end, all her words of friendship and loyalty
to Ivanova, all the courage she'd shown in breaking away
from the only "family" she'd ever known, all the possibilities
that life held for her --- in an eyeblink, all was rendered

And all *I* have to say to you, Mr. Straczynski, is:
Congratulations, you manipulative SOB.  You've managed to
get me sufficiently involved in your world that I'm really
and truly upset about what's happened there.

Oh--but don't worry about me leaving.  I couldn't bear to
not get to see the b******s who were responsible for this
get their comeuppance.

And if anybody's wondering why I'm so upset.....I suggest
you go contemplate the World As Myth hypothesis for a while.

Christian Gadeken                    af572 at

	Darling ni kawatte, oshioki daccha!


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     Christian: I quote Mark Twain: "The test of any good fiction is that
you should care something for the characters; the good to succeed, the
bad to fail.  The trouble with most fiction is that you want them all to
land in hell, together, as quickly as possible."

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