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I've never been moved to write about a specific episode before. Even the 
big WHAMS haven't moved me to do so because so many others have said what
I felt about how great they were and interesting the plots. 

But CTI changes that. I don't care how others feel about it. 

I was stunned. I was frightened. I was surprised. I was moved. And 
in the end, I was SHOCKED. 

I have never respected Mira Furlan more than in that episode. She showed her
range as never before and I was really moved by Delenn's fear, doubt and 
ultimately, by her, willingness to sacrifice herself.   Quite an
achievement on both your parts creating the situation and playing it out so

You know, as you sit there reading this with that sick smile on your face,
that the very fact that the VORLONS are willing to use Jack The Ripper 
as their puppet means that they are willing to do some very unsettling
things to win. It opens up all kinds of ugly possibilities as to the 
true nature of Vorlons. Yeah, yeah!! Chuckle all you like, sicko!!

I know YOU don't believe in him, but Thank God for you and this 
incredible story. 

Well, at least I'm not watching something simple like, say, WAR AND PEACE!! 

Will Berry
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In article <9510252248591.DLITE.will23 at>
           will23 at "BABYLON5 / LOIS&CLARK Fan!" writes:

> Well, at least I'm not watching something simple like, say, WAR AND PEACE!! 

God, I wish I'd thought of that line!

Morgan ;)

"Nunc demum intellego" dixit Winnie ille Pu.  "Stultus et delusus fui,"
dixit, "et ursus sine ullo cerebro sum."


From: straczynski at
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     Will: thanks, and you're quite right; it does say something about the
Vorlons that they'd use Jack for this purpose.  Now we just have to further
define what that is.

     BTW, just to append it here, not strictly appropos of your message...
I've noted a number of people say, in essence, "Boy, was I disappointed
that he said Jack at the end, what does he think we are, morons?"  And I've
seen plenty of comments from people who didn't know it was Jack until that
very last moment, for whom it was a revelation.

     It's pretty clear, to lots of folks, that the test was in some ways
(most, actually) more for Delenn's benefit than Kosh's...lots of folks got
this...and then others have said, "Well, if that's what he meant, why
didn't he just have one of them come out and SAY this, say what was learned
or that this was for THEIR benefit?"

     So frankly, whether one comes out and says something, or does not come
out and say something, someone on one side or the other is going to give
you a hard time about it.


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