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Hi there Joe,

        Hopefully the subject reeled you in.  I know it's hard when your
innundated (hope I spelt that right) with posts everyday.  Anywayz I'll
get to the point.  We've all read lots about your previous work on Murder
She Wrote and other aspects of your career, but what I want to know about
is your childhood.  As long as I am not waking up painful memories I 
and hopefully other fans in this group would love to know what you spent 
your time doing from say oh 13 to your mid 20's?  When did you catch the 
writer's bug? Did you have any other career aspirations? Were you a nerd 
in Highschool? =)

Basically what do you remember??

                                Hope you take the time to answer this,

                                             Love the show!   Darren

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     Without going on overlong, as some of this has already been covered,
it wasn't terrific as a kid.  We moved every 6 months to a year, blowing
from town to town (economic reasons), always the new kid, hence very few
friends at any time.  None that lasted more than that 6-12 months.  No
one town that constituted a home town.  So I read a lot...novels, comics,
you name it.

     Wasn't a nerd in high school; I just passed through their ranks
unnoticed, like some kind of translucent Eisenglass figurine at the back
of the room.  I went back to the 20th find that only one
person sorta kinda remembered me.  No one else.

     As for writing...I always knew that I'd be a writer, for as long as
I can remember.  Even as a kid I collected pens, had an interest in all
things writing.  The second that I was old enough to take typing classes,
I did.  Ended up taking 4 semesters of it, until by the time I left I was
the fastest typist they'd ever produced, 'cause I knew full well I'd need
that skill when I got going.  In my senior year, having studied the style
and structure of most of my favorite writers (I can do a lethal imitation
of just about any writer's style), I decided, at 17, that I'd prepared
enough...time to start Writing, and selling.  And I did, right then.

     And I've never looked back.


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