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>jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5) wrote of the following signs and protents:
>>Well, one can always assume that Morden received some help, in one
form or
>>another, in adjusting to the shadows....
>> jms
One could assume this, yes. Would it be a CORRECT assumption is another
question. So, 1) would it be correct to assume  Morden received some
help, in one form or another, in adjusting to the shadows? and 2) would
such assistance have been coercive in nature ? 

I would like to add that I love the show. I like the story, its
concept, the characters, and yes, even the Bear (no accounting for
taste right?). While some may find your avoidance of straight out
answers to questions annoying, I can appreciate it (most of the time).
As a scientist/engineer, I have to constantly question the validity of
information and assumptions. Trying to figure out where B5 is going,
how its getting there, as well as what you say and how you say it,
allow me to exercise these skills. (Your 'whams' are still big, but
generally not as painfull or annoying as some of the real-world 'whams'
I've encountered.) Thank you. Very much. 



From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
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Yes, it would be a correct assumption.


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