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The whole time I have been reading about B5, I had no CLUE that there
was anyone other than Ardwright Chamberlain involved in Kosh's character
-- finding out that there was someone in there, and moreover that he
seemed so damned *nice* was a very pleasant surprise at the Fantasticon
this weekend.  I know you've mentioned possibly bringing an actor
back whose character you were going to kill off -- is it Jeff W.?  He's
really very bright and interesting, and frankly I'd love to see him in
a role where you could see his face -- a Ranger, perhaps?

I'd just hate to think that the guy was swamped under 35lbs of crap
as Kosh and that's all we're going to see of him.  He's very engaging
and I encourage you to write him in someplace where he can do a bit
more Acting[tm] as opposed to balancing a bunch of stuff on top of his
shoulders and trying not to bump into things.

Take care,
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Actually, Jeff has just become John Copeland's executive assistant,
something of a move up; don't know if he'll be putting on the headpiece of
the new Vorlon in town yet, but we'll see...


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