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Can anyone see this?  This is the fourth time I've tried to post this since 
my server "upgraded" their software--they say the problem's fixed now, so 
hopefully this time it won't get sucked into oblivion like the rest.

JMS, first of all, since I'm fairly new to usenet and this group, let me 
thank you for this great story you're telling us all.  I wish I had 
"discovered" it sooner--I saw part of the pilot, and saw a few scattered 
first-run eps of Season 1 at my parents' place before it was moved to a 
weekend timeslot where I could see it regularly on my weekly commutes home 
from college.  (I still drive home 90 miles every weekend to Jackson to watch 
the new eps)  "Signs and Portents" grabbed my attention, "Babylon Squared" 
and "A Voice In the Wilderness" slapped me in the face and screamed "you need 
to start taping this show!", and "Chrysalis" permanently hooked me, 
especially after I started to piece together what Kosh "really" looked like...

Anyway, I couldn't think of any really great questions to ask, but here are a 
couple of not-entirely-B5-related questions I have:

1.  I found a posting on rec.models.scale from B5's fx production company, 
Foundation Imaging, looking for models and blueprints of ships from Battlestar 
Galactica for use in creating cgi models.  I was just wondering if you or 
anyone else out there reading this knew anything about what they're working 
on.  A revival, if done well, could be a good thing.  I always thought the 
original series had some potential, but really wasted it.

2.  Since you've said you watch MST3K, I was wondering if you've heard that 
Trace Beaulieu (Dr. Forrester/Voice of Crow T. Robot) is leaving the show.  
It's been a rough year for fans of both B5 and MST3K (My two favorite tv 
shows, naturally).  Threatened cancellation of B5, cancellation and rescue 
of MST3K, long waits for new eps of both...and now Trace is gone.  :-(

Just wondering--and hoping I don't have to post this again,
Jason B. Bell


From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
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I've no idea what Foundation is up to outside B5.

As for MST3K...yeah, I'd heard Trace was leaving.  Vastly unfortunate. 
They've bounced back from losing Joel (and, in some ways, I feel it's a
definite improvement), from the first assistant Mad Scientist (ditto
squared), sorta came back from losing TV's Frank (though Forrester's mom
just doesnt do it for me, and the show still lacks something without
Frank)...but to get by without Dr. Forrester...AND Crow...or at least
Crow's voice and attitude...I dunno.  That's gonna be a tough one.

I met Trace briefly in San Diego, and spoke with him on the phone a couple
of times over the last year or two.  I love MST3K, and my assistant at the
time, prior to Joanne, got the full cast to sign a photo for me, which is
now the ONLY non-B5 item framed on my office wall at the B5 stage.  (In
return, we sent them a batch of B5 caps.)  

So we'll see what happens, they're a good bunch and I'm willing to give
them the benefit of the doubt...but this one's gonna be real tough.


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