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Subject: Attn JMS: 'different' viewpoint....
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From: neild at (Neil Davidson (UK))
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Mar. , 
I have recently started to receive your posting to rastb5m, and noticed one
case in which you commented on (after taking a look at) a participant's
Babylon 5 related Web site. I understand that you most likely receive
countless requests from the world and his wife urging you to view numerous
B5 inspired works, but I see no real harm in asking you to look at mine! My
page is entitled "The Shadows Information Office", and offers what is
certainly a very 'different' view of the B5 universe than that presented in
the show. I'm sure Mar.  and his associates would consider it the only
unbiased B5 site on the Web! In essence, it is the center for Shadows
Propaganda, and is definitely _not_ serious! Please take a look in a spare
minute sometime (if you have any, that is). I would very much welcome any
comments, good or bad (although I would be a liar if I said that I didn't
care which). Whether or not you look at my Web page, thank you for reading
this rather extended paragraph! 
The URL of the Shadows Information Office is: 
Neil Davidson (UK) 
neild at


From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
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I've actually seen it; saw it a while ago, while surfing the B5 sites.  I
like the approach you've's twisted.  I like that.


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