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Subject: JMS: Greetings, Thanks & Season 4 in UK
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From: neild at (Neil Davidson (UK))
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Mr. Straczynski, 
Hello! I'm fairly new to the Internet, but I've watched Babylon 5 since the
pilot, and I was very pleased when I found out about this newsgroup forum
(rastb5m), as it gives me the opportunity to mention to you how much I
enjoy the show that is, as I understand it, your creation. It is extremely
refreshing to follow a science fiction show that does not conform to the
usual encapsulated-episode format ("tell any old complete story in every
episode as long as a moral point is delivered at the end"). Since I enjoy
watching B5 so much, and since you are responsible for its existence, then
I guess that it is you who I should thank for me being able to see it!
Thank you! 
I would like to slip in a question here: I know that it is not your
'department', but do you have any idea when we in the UK are likely to
start seeing season 4? I believe that it is shown in the US starting from
November, this year. 
Neil Davidson (UK) 
neild at


From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
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Thanks.  Haven't yet heard about the UK airdates for year four, but as
soon as I hear, I'll note them here.


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