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 [ MAJOR, BIG TIME spoilers for "Walkabout" in this
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   if you don't want to know virtually every last
   detail of the episode yet, skip it. -- BB ]

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 #: 562520 S6/Babylon 5: Spoilers
    19-Aug-96  01:17:00
Sb: #562342-#<Walkabout>

>EXplain the ep....

Here goes.

(A few spoiler lines)

(I have only seen the ep once so there may be some mistakes)

The Narn ship from Fall of Night appears beside B5. Londo is furious, and
demands to know what Garibaldi is going to do to comfort him that the ship
won't open fire on any Centauri ships. Garibaldi tells him that it is exactly
the same promise that no Narn will enter Londos quarters in the middle of the
night and cut his throat. Londo says that he has heard no such promise.
Garibaldi replies : 'Exactly'.
The new Vorlon ambassador arrives. Sheridan has gone for a walk....on one of
the docking stabilisers (the big protruding things out of the front of the
station). He stands at the edge, like a man on a precipice, looking at the
stars beneath. The Vorlon ship sees him, and rises up to face him. The Hull
changes to produce some writing....but it is all wedges and dots. (Have you
seen Hunter, Prey?)
Lyta Alexander turns up on the station, she heads to medlab looking for
Franklin, but he has left on a leave of personal absence (I&E). The doctor in
charge (the pretty Asian one from I&E) will not explain anything about Kosh,
despite Lyta describing herself, reluctantly, as Kosh's 'aide'.
Later, Sheridan and Ivanova are ready to greet the new Vorlon ambassador. AS he
arrives he looks different from Kosh. He is darker in colour, with demonic
looking horns on the back of the encounter suit 'head'. He is a lot noisier
than Kosh, lots of breathing type sounds.
Ivanova and Sheridan greet him. He doesn't answer.
They explain the situation regarding Kosh to him. He doesn't answer.
They explain that they will still refer to him as Kosh in public. He doesn't
Sheridan asks how he should refer to the new Ambassador in private. The
ambassador answers 'Kosh'.
Sheridan asks again, wanting to know not how he should refer to him in
_private_ not in public.
Again the Vorlon answers 'Kosh'.
They ask why. The Vorlon answers : "We are all Kosh"
He's a Vorlon alright.

Dr Franklins quarters have not been used for several days, so Garibaldi tries
to track him down. He finds him downbelow, questioning what he is up to.
Franklin says 'Walkabout', which is derived from an ancient aborigonal custom
where he will start walking and keep going until he meets himself. Then he will
talk until he runs out of words. Then hopefully he will know himself again.

Kosh is standing in his predecessors quarters. He sees burned on a wall
(although I thought it was an elevator door) the outline of a man, and three
objects behind that look like Shadow warriors.

Elevator doors open, we see feet, walking and leaving the elevator. The view
pans up to show Lyta.  She approaches Kosh who seems angry. A lot of the
dialogue was lost on me here, it was a bit vague but basically he expressed
anger that Lyta wasn't around when Kosh died. Lyta said that she was away from
the station on an errand. Kosh asks if she is carrying a piece of (old) Kosh.
She says no. Kosh tells her that she is a failure. She argues back. Kosh
reconsiders for a while, then tells her to follow him.

Later Lyta is in Sheridans office for a debriefing. They talk about Kosh, and
she gets flashes of Kosh's ruined encounter suit. She asks how Sheridan knew
how Kosh died. Sheridan answers 'I woke up from a dream, and I just _knew_'.
(Is this a lie?)
He starts talking to her about Kosh and the plan, and then (sorry I cannot
remember the sentence), but the last sentence he says (while standing behind
her), she hears in _KOSHs_ voice. She is stunned and asks him to say it again.
He does. (Sorry I cannot remember the words). (I think it was 'Are you with

Sheridan is planning to go on the offensive against the Shadows using the
discovery in the book of G'Quan that the Shadows fear Telepaths. He will use a
minimal force (He and Lennier on the White Star), with a force of other ships.
A Minbari ship + Telepaths is asked for, but Garibalidi and Ivanova push for
other ships (Narn + lesser races)

G'kar approaches the captain of the Narn ship (earlier they had been eating
Swedish meatballs that appeared to resemble some Narn food. G'kar had a theory
that the fact that every sentient race had a similar food would probably drive
one mad if they knew _why_). He wants the Narn to go with Sheridan, but the
Captain will not. He wants to save their resources for the strke back against
the Centauri and the retaking of Homeworld.

Franklin goes to a club where there is a beautiful singer, singing a beautiful
song. Franklin is entranced. She notices, and afterwards comes to join him.
They strike it off very well, but occasionally she oddly raises a glass and
watches him through it.

In Hyperspace, the White star and a Minbari cruiser are waiting for a Shadow
strike in a particular sector where they have been active of late. An alarm
comes in, and the White Star drops out of Hyperspace to engage it. Lyta needs
to be in a line of sight, so the white star manoevers so that she can be. She
tries to get into the mind of the ship, but it is too strong for her. She
collapses, and the Shadow moves around to attack. Sheridan tries to motivate
her, but again, she hears Kosh talking, and not Sheridan. Confused she gets her
second breath and engages the Shadow again. This time, the ship pauses,
struggles. The white Star opens fire with a continuous blast from the forward
guns. It is not enough. Sheridan orders all power to the guns. Lennier warns
him that if the jump engines go offline then it will take twenty minutes before
they can go back online. Sheridan orders it, and the new blast from the white
star destroys the Shadow. Interestingly enough when it dies, the legs curl up
and it looks like a swatted spider.
        Amidst the celebrations aboard the white Star, Lyta is subdued. She
says that it was so strong, that it kept slipping out of her mind, and she
could not stop it from sending out a distress.

Franklin and the Singer are in her quarters. She asks him why he is there. He
answers that he doesn't know. She says that his answer is not good enough. He
should say that he is there to spend the night with a beautiful woman. He
agrees. She does the thing with the glass again. He asks her why and she
explains that she has a theory that the light from a person if correctly
diffracted can show their soul. She keeps trying to see his soul...

Garibaldi enters G'kars quarters. He is angry. He slams the book of G'Quon on a
table and tells G'kar to keep it. He is angry that G'kar will not help
Sheridan. The very cruiser that Sheridan risked B5 and its pilots to save is
parked outside('Fall of Night') and not helping out with the Shadow attack 'to
conserve resources'. If Sheridan conserved resources that ship would have been
so much dust. G'kar knows the bigger picture. It is up to him to get the ship
to comply. Not to find the opinion of the Captain. G'kar is stunned and
expressionless as Garibaldi leaves.

Later, they wake up. They are obviously very affectionate. Franklin asks what
he can do for her, and she asks for some 'Metazine' (sp?) to help her sleep.
Franklin is shocked, and refuses. He is obviously disturbed, thinking that she
is an addict as he was with Stims.

Later she gets up, and steals Franklins credit chit from his trousers. Later he
wakes up to a noise. He finds her unconcious with Metazine in her hand. He cant
get her to recover.

Back aboard the white star, they have only 10 minutes before the jump engines
go back online. Then Shadow ships appear, four of them, on an attack course.
Sheridan orders them to run for it. They Minbari ship drops out of Hyperspace
to intercept. They only have 3 telepaths but they will do the best they can.
They manage to stop the shadows momentarily, but one manages to break free and
follow the white star, obviously the shadows don't want the knowledge that they
can be destroyed in the manner that they have been. She is gaining on the White
Star, so Sheridan gets Lyta to try to stall it. Again she hears Kosh's voice,
and attempts to do so, but the last fight took everything they had.
She immobilises the Shadow and the white star opens fire. But it is not enough.

Suddenly from above the Narn cruiser appears and riddles the Shadow craft. She
is destroyed.
G'Kar hails him. Sheridan thanks him, but G'kar says he is not on the cruiser.
A jump point opens and a fleet of craft enter the sector.

Back in Medlab, the singer is on a Metazine drip. Franklin tries to stop it,
claiming that she had an overdose of Metazine, but the other doctor stops him,
explaining that the vial of Metazine that the girl had bought was not even
opened. She had passed out with the pain. She had a terminal disease. The
Metazine was for the pain.

Later, she has recovered and is back in her club. Franklin is enjoying her
singing. As he leaves he passes a window, his image is diffracted....

Hope this helps,

 #: 562544 S6/Babylon 5: Spoilers
    19-Aug-96  02:01:32
Sb: #562520-#<Walkabout>

      I don't suppose I could ask that synopses of the episodes that are this
detailed be kind of not-done?  Brief ones, sure, but a blow-by-blow breakdown
of every scene is rather disheartening to see in a public forum, even one set
aside for spoilers.


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