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Spoilers for Walkabout coming (gloat, gloat)


Kosh II glides down a corridor, stops in front of a door, and sees,
through it, a human and some Shadows. Door opens, Lyta walks out. Now,
the _second_ time I saw this, I saw that the first door was off to one
side, and that Kosh has to turn his head slightly to face Lyta when she
approaches. Was this an intentional misleading, to make the scene
ambiguous (the first thing Kosh does is put her in a stranglehold), or
was there, I don't know, a dropped scene of Morden feeling that someone
was walking over his grave?

<deleted paragraph. I was wondering about reconciling "it may not be a
soul", with Kosh's memories of Morden turning up in Sheridan. Then, I
remembered that personality implanting isn't exactly news. Silly me.>

And when would be a good time for you to translate the Vorlon message on
the side of the ship?

And, of course, kudos for a great episode. I think your willingness to
reject the "happy ending" has already made an impression on this
relative newbie: the happy end to the A story came as a suprise to me. I
genuinely thought the Minbari ship would be toast.

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No, those are two different scenes; the first one takes place in Kosh's
quarters, the second one out in the hallway.  Perhaps that could've been
made clearer....


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