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Just saw Walkabout. 

Hence the Spoiler Space....

This is Spoiler Space. You have been warned.

Definite congratulations on Walkabout! It's a *fine* episode - definitely
one of my favourites...

I have a couple of questions, though...

1. When Kosh-2 was looking at the wall (just before Lyta came in), was
   that some remnant of Kosh-1 glowing on the wall??

2. I know this is a little niggly, but in the fight sequence with the 
   Shadow ships, when the League ships arrive they all come piling
   through a jump-point (I think). Am I missing something here, 'cos I
   seem to remember that this was a fairly dangerous thing to try..??

3. Who came up with the look of Kosh-2? When its shadow fell across the
   gangway, I was *scared. I'm now convinced that Kosh-1 was the 
   nicest, fluffiest Vorlon in the whole universe...

Many Thanks again for a terrific episode!



From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
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don't look

It was the same effect you would get in a massive energy burst that
"paints" shadows on the wall, which only he could see.

And no, there's nothing dangerous at all about a fleet coming out of
hyperspace or a jump point together.

The look of the new Vorlon was developed by John Vulich of Optic Nerve
based on my suggestions.  I got in after a bit and redesigned/sketched the
headpiece a bit, and recommended the colors used.  We're actually doing a
bit of fine-tuning on the new Vorlon prior to next season.


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