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From: bottke at (William F. Bottke)
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Hi Joe,
I wanted to thank you for acting as an indirect catalyst which allowed 
a friend of mine and myself to become the guests on the Aug. 23, 1996
edition of "Hour 25".
See if you can follow this rather unlikely chain of events that *you*
1) I recently moved to Pasadena, where I started a prize post-doctorate at
Caltech.  My research concentrates on the study of asteroids.  I am also a
big B5 fan, and have followed the show since the first episode.  When time  
permits, I occasionally lurk on the B5 newsgroups.
2) I noticed an post in June that stated you were 
going to appear on "Hour 25", a LA-based SF radio show that I had never 
heard of before.  I decide to tune in that Friday evening.
3) Several hours before you go on, an asteroid observer friend of mine from
the U. of Hawaii happens to stop by my house.  The conversation eventually
turned to B5, and I mentioned that you were going to be on the radio that
night.  My friend decides to listen to the show in his car on his way home.
4) More friends stop by, making me miss the first half of the show.  However,
My friend listens to the whole show, and is bemused that the host of "Hour
25", Warren James, makes an error when he reports that newly discovered
asteroid 1996 JA1 is (paraphrasing) "1/3 the size of the asteroid which
killed the dinosaurs" when it was actually 1/3 the size of an asteroid needed
to do catastrophic damage to our civilization.  Somewhat of a fine point, but
still an error.
5) My friend e-mails Warren James and alerts him to his error.  They trade
e-mails and then phone conversations.  Finally, Warren asks him to come on the
Aug. 23 show.  My friend asks me to join him, given that he does asteroid 
observations and I do asteroid dynamics.
6) Last Friday, we got to be guests on "Hour 25" for about an hour and a
half.  It was great fun and my first radio talk show appearance (!).

If things go well, we may get to appear on the show again sometime this
winter.  In any event, I thought I would share this story with you and
thank you for allowing me to get my brief 15 minutes of fame.  Oh, just
in case, please let me know if you are going to make any more media
appearances.  I would love to talk about asteroids on Letterman, Leno,
or "60 Minutes" :-)

                                - Bill
Bill Bottke
Division of Geological & Planetary Sciences
California Institute of Technology
bottke at



From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
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That's great.  Hour 25 can be a good venue into the SF community out here;
it certainly eased my transition when I came to LA.


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