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From: Byron & Christine Burel <bburel at>
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Dear Joe,

It hit me the other night that Babylon 5 is indeed the "beacon" shining 
in the night for me.  The night being the struggle to preserve the 
sense of hope and optimism that I've tried to live my life by which it 
seems got more veiled as I became older by responsibilities, by the 
wish for leaders to look up to (as so many were assassinated in my 
youth), by the wish for something greater than I knew --your show, the 
writing, the acting, the caring that is stamped all over Babylon 5 has 
reached deep inside and reawakened and reminded me of what it is I have 
always been hoping for.  And the sort of scary thing is that until your 
show I hadn't realized how what I used to feel naturally had been 
obscured by the everyday duties of daily life. 

 There are only a few writers that have ever gripped me so that my 
outlook on the world is altered and before now they were only in the 
novel form -- only "The Prisoner" as a television production ever 
caught my imagination like this but that was a much grimmer world than 
yours could ever be.  You have given us a stage on which morality is 
very much the glue that holds the station and its people together.  
Would that the powers that be in our government learn from this world 
you've enriched us with.  I'm taping your shows and am looking forward 
to the day when my 7- and 3- year-olds are able to enjoy them as much 
as I have and to absorb the sense of values that are to be found in 
your words and your world. 

I'd also like to say that your giving of your time to your fans is also 
quite a gift -- thanks for the connection with us -- this newsgroup and 
your presence here has completed the circle of B5 -- it gives us a like 
community -- I read your fans' words and your words here and feel a 
part of something satisfying and good.  Many thanks for all you've 
given to us; I don't feel "all alone in the night" anymore.


Christine Burel


From: jmsatb5 at
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Thanks.  Hope is one of the things that seems greatly missing from most
commercial entertainments, and if they do try to do something in this
area, it often tends to wander into the treacly or saccherine.  We have to
entertain, that is the requirement...but there has to be more, for me, for
it to be worth doing.

Thanks for the kind words.


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