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Jason T wrote:


> C - WB England is a seperate division from WB U.S. and therefore makes
> up it's own mind about policy.
> D - WB England has in fact put out B5 episodes on tape/disk for public
> consumption.
> Assuming that all of the above are true, is it possible to have the
> tapes/LDs from England sold/available for orders over here? This
> strikes me as something that could be arranged covertly through the B5
> fan club even if WB did not want to do it themselves officially.

That sort of marketing move is not unheard of in the home video
market, BUT you are likely to need different equipment to play
these tapes since Europe is on a different videotape standard - they
are likely to be *PAL* cassettes and not playable on most US videotape


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Jms at B5 (jmsatb5 at wrote:
> Yes, Ghar, and we all know what a bastion of patience and tolerance you
> are, and that your tastes are the norm and nobody else could possibly
> enjoy something if you do not unless they are an idiot, we've been down
> this road before.  
> You are free to have your opinion.  And I am free to hold mine.  And in my
> opinion, the Jeanne Cavellos book is probably the best one of all the Dell
> books to date.
> aren't any based on goofy nonscience notions.  (The Sarrantino book is a
> little off the mark in terms of the way the characters speak, and I sent
> it back with some notes, whereas Jeanne's book went back without one
> single, solitary note.)  
  For what it's worth, the manuscript JMS apparently saw and approved
*did* go through a proofreading process of sorts.  A friend and I both
sent Jeanne our notes about her first draft of _The Shadow
Within_, which she said were useful, and I know she did
continuity-checking with some other people as well. 
  Allen W. 


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Nothing is set yet.  See my recent note on this.



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"What this boils down to is... is the ending you invisioned at the start
of Babylon 5 the same today as it was then?"

For the most part,'s gotten a bit refined over time, the way it
always does the closer you get to's like seeing a mountain from a
great distance, then closing in until you can make out the details.  But
basically, yeah.


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