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From: rockc at (Roxanne)
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Hi Joe,

First off, let me thank you for a wonderful past three years and it
looks like that chicken really *has* given birth to a T-Rex in Season
4.  It's been enlightening, horrible and exciting all at once. January
27th can't come soon enough.

Now regarding Xmas.  I recently saw your post stating that you didn't
do Christmas and your request that we don't send you "stuph".   Heck,
I don't do Christmas either (Winter Solstice does it for me), but like
so many others I wanted to send you a token of my appreciation and
this time of year seems to be a good a time as any.  I will honor your
request and forgo doing so, but, I hope you realize that your request
is going to be almost impossible for some to comply with. 

It's kind of like the "please don't send me private e-mail" scenario.
Invariably *someone* is going to send you something, thinking that,
"hell it's only me" all 15-20 million of 'em.  Such is the price of
fame.  You are a modest man, but you've done an immodest've attracted our attention and given us something greater
than yourself.  Your creativity.  As a result folks tend to want to
personalize the relationship as impossible as that seems.  We humans
are a strange bunch and most of us don't listen too well.  Anyway, I
have a small solution, since restraint might not rule the day and you
might just find yourself hip deep in "stuph" anyway!  Remember the B5
bear? Yeh..I *thought* so!

How about suggesting that your loyal fans write WB and thank them on
your behalf for giving the show a break?  In other words, let's send
WB Christmas cards from B5 fandom.   Most folks might be giving to
charity as you suggested anyway, but might also want to give *you*
something of value.   Since support for the show is probably your
greatest wish,  this might actually work in the best interests of all
parties concerned.   You won't get buried and have to cart stuff away
and we can feel as if we've done you good.

If someone else has already suggested this, then I second the motion.
It's just a nice way to say "thank you Joe"  for caring enough to give
us something extraordinary...good TeeVee.

---------"Lovemaking is the consolation for living in the body just
as art is the consolation for living in the world."
          Helmut -- The God In Flight.


From: Chuck Fullerton <nougat at>
Lines: 14

         rockc at (Roxanne) wrote:

let's send
>WB Christmas cards from B5 fandom. 

  YEAH!!!!!!!!!! Roxanne, that's a GREAT IDEA!!!!!! We can simultaneously
support B5 for Season 5 renewal *and* show them what a great, courteous
bunch we are!!!!! JMS, how about it???



From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
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Thanks, but no, the best gift you can give me is to get involved locally
with the charities and causes that will directly affect your life and the
lives of those around you.  Change the world before someone else does it
for you.


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