B5JMS list problems fixed

B5JMS Poster b5jms-owner at shekel.mcl.cs.columbia.edu
Mon Feb 5 21:30:03 EST 1996

The filesystem on which majordomo resides on got full on February 2nd, and
as a result of a bug in Majordomo, the complete b5jms list got truncated to
zero subscribers.  Therefore, no mail went to the list for 3 days now.

I've recovered the subscription list as of February 2nd.  I then went back
to my logs (which were OK because they reside on a different filesystem),
and manually applied every un/subscribe request to/from b5jms and
b5jms-digest lists.  I'm fairly certain that I managed to recover the
complete list to the minute.

I will now resend the articles for the past few days.  Although I'm sure the
list is now up-to-date, I'm not sure what was its state since February 2nd.
As a result, some of you may receive duplicate messages.  Apologies for any
inconvenience.  Here are the subject lines for the 5 messages I expect to
send tonight:

 JMS CIS Digest: 31-Jan-96 15:50:34 through 01-Feb-96 13:56:28 (14 msgs)
 JMS CIS Digest: 01-Feb-96 14:27:53 through 02-Feb-96 12:30:00 (18 msgs)
 JMS CIS Digest: 02-Feb-96 14:13:52 through 03-Feb-96 19:42:28 (12 msgs)
 JMS CIS Digest: 03-Feb-96 01:30:55 through 03-Feb-96 21:16:26 (12 msgs)
 JMS CIS Digest: 03-Feb-96 19:52:10 through 04-Feb-96 14:31:05 (16 msgs)

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