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    The following is e-mail correspondance between myself and JMS.

   Chris Johnson


First, let me apologise for sending something that is of general
interest via private e-mail, but since you've left Usenet there is no
other way for me to ask you this, given my college's internet system.
Unless, of course, you object, I intend to post any reply you might
send to rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5.info, the moderated newsgroup.

Question: I noticed the airing order of "Sic Transit Vir" and "A Late 
Delivery from Avalon" is different from the production order.

04/15/96   56   313    Sic Transit Vir
04/22/96   57   312    A Late Delivery from Avalon

In a word, why?

In a few more words, in which order should these be watched from a
story point of view?  Did you always mean for 313 to come before 312,
or is it due to production requirements that they were switched?

Thanks for your time, and for creating the best SF show I've ever
					Chris Johnson
					johnschr at carleton.edu

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Subj:	Ordering of 312/313

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     They can be watched in either order.  I changed 'em to put a lighter
one between some darker ones.


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