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        Opening fly-by
        Scheduling in UK
        B5 tapes in Aus

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Date: 26-Jan-96 16:05:46
From: Rowan Kaiser <74160.473 at>
To: J. Michael Straczynski <71016.1644 at>
Subject: #438683-#Opening fly-by
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> Thanks, yeah, it's a great sequence.  Overall, I'm very happy
> with how this season's main title sequence came out.

I'm just wondering why you sometimes used scenes from season 2
eps, like the scene when Sheridan ejects in All Alone in the

Rowan Kaiser    Mistie, Montie and PITAS
"Reflection. Surprise. Terror.  For the future."
8 more days until I get it!!!


Date: 26-Jan-96 22:10:21
From: J. Michael Straczynski <71016.1644 at>
To: Rowan Kaiser <74160.473 at>
Subject: Opening fly-by
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     Because we have to make the season 3 title sequence *very* early
in the shooting process; we need shots to go out in the first episode
title sequence, but we've only shot a few episodes by the time we need
to deliver. So most shots tend to come from the preceding season.



Date: 26-Jan-96 16:33:38
From: John Hardin <74076.22 at>
To: J. Michael Straczynski <71016.1644 at>
Subject: #Scheduling in UK
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[ Posted on behalf of Mark Bassett <markb at> ]

Barbara Pfieffer <72302.2453 at> wrote:
> Joe:
> I know you might not know at this point, but I have a schedule
> question.
> I was checking the calendar.  With 13 new episodes left in the
> season after "Point", I can't see how Warners will fit them in
> again and it's beginning to make me nervous.  Even if we saw all
> new eps from now till the end of the season, with no reruns, that
> would take us up to the last week of May (when *normal* networks
> show their big season finales).
> If they toss in a couple of stretches of reruns in, we're going
> to have the same situation as last year, where they'd have to
> show the last 4-5 in the summertime.  Would Warners do that?  I
> can't see any alternative (the math just doesn't work, and no,
> mathematics not Barbara's skill either).  Or are you afraid
> they'll do the same thing they did to us (and you) last year?

Last year the last 4 episodes were held over in the US but, after
some administrative faffing between Channel 4 and Warner Brothers,
they were shown in the UK at the "correct" time (i.e. as soon as

Should the same situation recur, can you please encourage Warner
Brothers to adopt the same solution? As Channel 4, and UK
television in general, does not like to interrupt a series with
reruns (and frankly, I don't know how you guys stand it) we
haven't even seen episode 1 of the third series yet.

We're expecting to see the series screened in March or April, and
there's a major Bab5 convention in London in June - it would be
really nice if it coincided with the grand finale of season 3!


Mark Bassett

P.S. Are the Vorlons connected with the Illuminati?


Date: 26-Jan-96 22:10:23
From: J. Michael Straczynski <71016.1644 at>
To: John Hardin <74076.22 at>
Subject: Scheduling in UK
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     You're assuming I have *any* sway with WB/PTEN about scheduling. 
I don't.



Date: 26-Jan-96 23:34:08
From: Elaine E Brown <100353.3702 at>
To: J. Michael Straczynski <71016.1644 at>
Subject: #437179-#B5 tapes in Aus
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        There was a full page advertisement in the TV Times with
GKar's face and the statio quite large and smaller pictures of
other characters down the right side. Looks rather effective and
it says Start collecting the series on video now! Seeming to imply
many episodes to come.

        I did find and, of course, purchase the opening double
episode (which has been available in Video Rental Stores for a
while and has the same cover picture as the main part of the ad),
Vol 2 - Born To the Purple and Infection, and A Voice in the
Wilderness. These are all I have found so far, but I'll be 

        They are advertised as being available in a wide range of

        By the way, B5 starts again on Tuesdays at 11:00pm on
Channel 7 this week. If they continue from where it left off last
year I think we should be starting Season 2. I get so envious of
Americans who are up to date and even get repeats within the week.

        I shall have to break copyright to watch the show as
11:00's too late for me. However I promise to reuse the tapes
afterwards and purchase every video that I find so I don't feel
too much like a criminal.

        You may find this little story amusing. Earlier this
month I went to a Harlan Ellison book signing in Sydney. The man
in front of me took a whole stack of books to sign which Harlan
willingly did. Then it was my turn. I gave him my book and he was,
by then, so used to it, that he wrote - To Peter - then he looked
up at me and said "You're not Peter."  He was very kind and wrote
in my book - To Laine who followed Peter in the line and so she
gets 2 signatures!   Make it 3. And he did sign it three times.

Thanks for taking the time to reply,
Laine, Sydney, Australia (Just about to watch her tapes all over


Date: 27-Jan-96 15:33:20
From: J. Michael Straczynski <71016.1644 at>
To: Elaine E Brown <100353.3702 at>
Subject: B5 tapes in Aus
Message-ID: <forum.sfmediaone.439500 at>
References: <forum.sfmediaone.439206 at>

     Yup, that's Harlan for you....



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