What does the -len or Len- indicate?

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Subject: What does the -len or Len- indicate?
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After reading the discussion topic in this weeks' "Zocalo" I asked
myself this question:

We know of at least four people with the "len" prefix or suffix. 
Lennier and Lennan are both male
Delenn is female
and Valen is referred as male.

Does this mean the "len" indicates the sex in today Minbari who belong
to the religious caste ("Len-" =male, and "-len"=female) or is it just
something like use of the name Mohammed (Islam) or Maria (Christian,
even with males in Bavaria) as a middle name?

Just curious,

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Basically, I went through and came up with common suffixes and prefixes
for Minbari names, the way Russian names have combinations of certain
letters (-ovna, -ova, -vich), and associated various backgrounds and
castes and houses (fanes) to them.  So you have Delenn, Rathenn, and
others of similar name.  


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