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Note: this does *not* contain any real spoilers for "Interludes &
Examinations." I only mention the way in which some shots are set
up in the teaser, but for anyone who doesn't even want to know
about that, I'm leaving some blank lines below.

Joe, I would have asked you about this at MarCon, but I wasn't
sitting near enough the front of the room and I doubted my voice
would carry quite that far. 

The teaser for "Interludes & Examinations" contains a number of 
beautiful transitions linked by some visual similarity (bright lights, 
a passage into shadows, etc.). What I'm curious to know is whether
you included these transitions in your script, or were they set up
later during filming? In how much detail do you specify things like
that in your scripts?

By the way, thank you for this stunning episode (I don't blame Ms. 
Tallman one bit!), and for your presentations at MarCon...and parti-
cularly for staying overtime at the autograph session on Saturday. 
By the time I reached your table, I couldn't think of much more to 
say than "You must be awfully tired by now," but I do want to let 
you know it was appreciated.

Robin C. Kwong                   rkwong at
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The visual styles in transition between shots came from the director,
which he went over with me when we had our tone meeting.


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