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Subject: Attn JMS: In honor of mother's day (spoilers up to I&E)
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Some spoiler space...

Ok, that should do it. I have a question about mothers - not to be a 
pain in the butt, but - we are seeing a lot of fathers of the characters
showing up, and being shown as having a large influence on the characters.
(Except for Ivonava's Mom who had a mighty big influence on her, although
she's dead now). We have Franklin and his problems dealing with his Dad,
Sheridan checking with his father before he makes a big decision, and 
Kosh appearing to G'Kar as his father. The Moms in question don't seem 
to be particularly important. When are we going to see or hear more of them?

This may sound like a nit to some people, but it's kind of important to me.




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Good point; I should endeavor to get into this more in future.


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