ATTN JMS: Blipped?

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Subject: ATTN JMS: Blipped?
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From: lisab at (Lisa B.)
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Hello JMS...

I was reading a old post of your's about moderation and "saw" this
word: "blipped".  In a show, Bester used "Blip" (I think) to refer to
telepaths that where rogue.  In your moderation post, you used it as
to mean deleted. ("...then you warn, you warn a second time, and then
and ONLY then do you delete.  A blipped message should be the tool of
last resort, not the instrument of first choice.")

Are there different meanings...  Example: "bad" can be good or bad.

Else is Bester saying "that rogue telepaths should be deleted or

jackb (using my wife's machine)


From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
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Just different meanings to the word; no intended overlap.


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