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..Hi, jms, I try not to gush too much cause you probably hear it so much but
"War Without End Part 1" was sad, uplifting, inspiring, and simple marvelous.
Please convey my thanks to the f/x team: The Minbari Homeworld, Minbar, was 
simply stunning!!!! It felt so *real* , the Flyer lifting off, the people 
talking, the sparkling waterfall, and the flying creatures. Another work 
of art.   Sinclair. The closed circle. I have always thought Jeffrey Sinclair 
had a sadness to him, as if he had lost some sense of direction after The 
Earth/Minbari War. Just like Garibaldi said in "Infection", and Delenn echoed 
in "Voice in the Wilderness, Part 2", Sinclair was looking for a purpose, 
something to fight for.  Now, he has found it, because he did, because he 
will. But it's too bad that he lost and will lose one of his best 
friends in Garibaldi.   In this episode, he seemed larger than life as if he 
was wearing a cloak of  destiny. You can hear it in Rathenn's comments, in  
the Vorlon's statement, and see it in Zack's face, and especially in Delenn's 
face, when Sinclair  said "I know what is coming". One of the best scenes in 
B5 ever, was when Delenn turned to face Sinclair who sat tall and confident in 
the command chair...then the camera showed Marcus' reverence. Great scene.

  Originally I was going to send a post pointing out why I thought Sinclair 
wasn't Valen. From what you said,  it sounded like Valen had already
brought the Nine together before the war started, but in the video shown by
Delenn, Babylon 4 appeared near the end of that Great Sinclair 
couldn't be Valen if Valen was already there leading the Minbari in a fight 
for survival. However, the preview for "War Without End Part 2" made me 
rethink this. A while back, when we were first considering Sinclair as Valen, 
I wondered what Sinclair would like as a half or even a full Minbari......I 
hope I am wrong and Sinclair *is* Valen and I get to see this......^_^

One last thing, I love the costumes and the Vorlon's encounter suit.
Love the way the light reflects/highlights the the textures in Sinclair's 
robes. Beautiful work. There is SO MUCH texture and shading in this show,
both in productions and in story. 

                Thank you,
                                ghost in awe.

PS. *Where* did the Triluminaries *originally* come from ? Did Kosh give them
      to Sinclair (either the 'Kosh' on Minbar, or the 'Kosh' who came 
      to Babylon5 ?


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Thanks.  Actually, the first Triluminary was found by the Minbari, not
made by them, in a vessel they ran into about a thousand years ago.


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