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Honestly, people...I can't believe anyone still falls for this stuff.

So there I was, over in the editing bays (away from the B5 stages),
editing 406, merrily nipping and tucking and rearranging, when a phone
call comes from the stage.  In a harrassed voice, the person on the other
end explains that they have been flooded with calls asking about a rumor
that I'd passed out on the way to work and had been taken to the hospital
with a heart attack.

C'mon, people...this is the oldest gag in the book.  It's been done to
Harlan, Walter, Jimmy Doohan (which makes me thing a ST person is behind
this) and others.  

Lemme put it to you this way: if anything should ever happen to me, you
will never have to hear about it from someone else, or a rumor.  I have
people here who will post the information, and all pertinent details,
direct from Babylonian on my behalf.  If you hear this sort of nonsense
from anyone else, you can totally ignore it.

And to the person who says he "heard it:" you obviously did not hear
anything of the kind, and you made it up deliberately to cause trouble. 
If you did hear it from someone else, let's hear a name.  If not, then you
are to be held responsible for this.  And, frankly, for the grief caused
to the set, the stage, and many other people who called out of concern,
the person responsible for this is less than a creep.  This is just
another form of interneterrorism.


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