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Subject: ATTN:JMS thanks from a new viewer
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s  1: Nov  4, 1996: Lab <jzhang at oryx.Rutgers.EDU>
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From: Lab <jzhang at oryx.Rutgers.EDU>
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Mr. Strazynski,

Heartfelt thanks from a new viewer who over the last few weeks has
discovered the best television he's ever seen.  I've been inexorably
drawn into this epic novel of yours.

Does it hurt to give birth to an entire universe?

Thanks again.  Especially after such an incredible "Z'ha'dum," I can't
wait for the new season/chapter to start.  Something I can enjoy as 
individual episodes, and have fun seeking meaning in things 


Now if I can only figure out the significance of the "1-888-JMS-FITS" 
commercial advertisement I saw after the last episode...


From: jmsatb5 at
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"Does it hurt to give birth to an entire universe?"

Not really, but the post-partum depression is a bitch.


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