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I give the right to repost this wherever. Whew :-)

Hi Joe, I don't know if you read Newsweek but the November 11 issue has
a great article about how the B-5 stars return e-mail while the ST stars
will not because of a fear of lawsuits (whats the legal world coming
to).  Also, they mention how B5 has become the show of choice at NASA
and they've invited Bruce and Jerry to be VIP guests at the next shuttle
launch.  I really think NASA should invite you and since they named the
first shuttle after the Enterprise maybe they should name one of the
first of the new generation of shuttles after the show.  Any idea for a
					Bill McClusky


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Darn, I was going to look for that one today and I forgot....

Yeah, we're a fully wired show.  Scary, innit...?


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