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As a burnt out trekkie I have desperately yearned for a sci-fi show
that would be more innovative (I really have grown tired of the one
hour capsule stories). I have kept tabs on B-5 over the years and I
must say this show gets better and better. Right now all I can say is
you folks are making pure magic. The plots are simply the best I have
ever seen on TV period. Keep up the good work. And another thing I
remember watching the intros of the show last year and kept hoping you
would change the cheesy canned portraits of the actors. It looks like
this year you did just that and boy have you really made this my
favorite show!!   The new intro is much more action oriented and very
mature! Introducing the actors in action is the way it should be.
Simply outstanding! I have a feeling in the  years to come, the
Babylon 5 series will become legendary right along the Star Trek
universe.  I can't wait for the movies to come out. And one other
thing. The computer animated action scenes are AWESOME!
what a show!
Gene Rodenberry would be very proud of you guys.

Oh and if someone (Bab-5 staff or fan) could answer this:
In the guest appearance of Majel Barret as the wife of the late
emperor (I think). She talked about her dead husband the Emperor. The
way she referred to him made me think she was talking about her
real-life late husband. It was a very respectable and touching
reference. Am I in  left field about this? Or was there some kind of
hidden tribute to Roddenberry in that episode?


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Thanks, and yes, there was a hint of Gene in her dialolgue about Turhan.


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