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 jmsatb5 at wrote:
 > No, like all WB rumors, this one isn't true either.
 > Understand...if there were going to be a video release, I'd be all over
 > the place announcing it.
 > If you hear a rumor, and it didn't come directly from me, you can almost
 > always discount it.  What happens, I talk about.

and in another time, another place ...

 jmsatb5 at wrote:
 >     6) We cannot give studio tours, or afford to send out scripts, or
 > story bibles, or actor photographs.  When the actors do this, bear in mind
 > that it is a kindness *that comes out of their own pockets*, as there is
 > no budget from WB to send photos.  


Are there any facilities for these kinds of things in the works ?  I can't
really ask the actors to send photos if it's coming out of their own
especially when I would be happy to pay for them.  And I can think of no
small number of friends who would really enjoy such things for christmas.

As for the videos, we are talking about some of the same people who've
bought  the entire Robotech series (that would be a very large number of
tapes).  What's so bad about us wanting to fund your "small house
somewhere outside of London" ?

terminally curious,

Benjamin Trumbull
trumbull at       
Yale University 
       You can't be in hell; you can still read your e-mail


From: jmsatb5 at
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The problem is in getting WB to kick loose of the rights to the videos. 
We've been negotiating endlessly with them to let us do them...but they're
kinda like a monkey with its hand around a nut in a can't get it
out, but won't let go, either.


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