Att JMS: Yes, I know you don't celebrate Christmas ... :-)

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Subject: Att JMS: Yes, I know you don't celebrate Christmas ... :-)
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From: jegolf at MCS.COM (J.M.Egolf)
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Our library just got its latest Levenger's catalog, and as always, I
thought, "JMS would *love* this stuff (work-of-art pens, desk accessories,
leather organizers, etc.) The company's slogan is "Tools for Serious
Their URL is

(For the next time you *do* have an occasion for getting gifts!)

    J.M. ("Jamie") Egolf
   <*> jegolf at <*>
"We find meaning where we can." 


From: jmsatb5 at
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Oh, I know Levenger's, believe me...they have whole barrels of my money
over there.

Great catalog, and nifty stuff.


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