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> So, JMS walks on, the fans stare at him dolefully. JMS is nervous.
> He cracks a few jokes to break the uneasy silence.  But the silence continues.
> Then Andreas lets him in on the joke.

Someone asked if Andreas and Peter have to fear losing their jobs. I'd
tend to think you might take this tack; "Keep your friends, close, and
people that you owe a mega-joke to, even closer". Does this apply?

On the other side of things, you must have an excellent cast and crew for
this joke to be even conceived. Andreas and Peter *knew* you would
tolerate it. This cohesiveness shows in the way the episodes are produced.

....btw, judging by the way you portray your "online", persona, whatever
you get around to planning to get them back, will have to involve an
audience, thus it is a sure way to fill every *Con until it happens.

....sort of like the cliffhanger/teasers at the end of each B5 episode.... tu, Josephus...?


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Suffice to say you'll hear about it.....


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