Afraid to criticise? Hardly! (was: criticism of B5 in RASTb5)

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From: Dr Sharon Ney <Ney_s at>
Date: 4 Apr 1997 02:10:26 -0500
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I've seen (and I'm sure will continue to see) lots of criticism of B5 on
this site. We've criticised episodes, approaches, performances, special
effects, continuity errors, scripts....what else is there? As for being
afraid to criticize on this site, I know I'm not, and I haven't noticed
it anywhere else. True, we don't tend to send a message like 'XYZ
couldn't act his/her way out of a paper bag, period' or 'that was the
worst storyline I've seen since whatever' but there are good reasons.
For one thing, whatever we think of the actors -- though not one of them
has turned in a totally spotless performance from day 1 on the set (we
can all cite episodes and scenes, I'm sure, where we thought an actor
was less than convincing)-- on the whole, they're pretty good.
Additionally, it's not on to attack someone who isn't there to respond,
and things like that CAN degenerate into unpleasantness -- somewhere we
DON'T want to go. As for things like the storylines, jms himself is the
most outspoken about the episodes he hates, saying he wouldn't mind if
the negatives were dropped off a pier somewhere (I don't suppose those
were the ones eaten by the rats by any chance, were they???) If HE
thinks they were terrible, who are we to add to his misery?!
   So, in all honesty, I can't say I'm frightened to complain, and have
in the past. I don't think anyone else is, but if they are they should
speak up and I'm sure those fears can be addressed. It's our site, after
all. If a majority don't believe it's doing the job it was intended to
do then it must change. Oh, and as for Into The Fire, I've explained my
opinions on that episode before on this site, and I stand by them. It
was a perfect ending, I cannot see ANY sensible way that could work as
an alternative, I am STILL open to suggestions, and I STILL wish they'd
fix the stupid special effect flaw in the scene immediately after the
commercial break (<*sigh*>) when Lennier says 'Delenn!', runs forward,
and we see that the brilliant corruscating patterns of energy on John
and Delenn, that are mirrored in the floor in every other scene, are NOT
mirrored on the floor in THAT scene. 

Oh, can someone either confirm or deny the stuff about the teddy bears
and the final scene? It fits with the look of those jms spoke to at the
very beginning of the series, but I still can't work out if this is real
or some seriously weird April Fool's joke. Sometimes I just don't know
whether to take people on this site seriously ( ;-)  ) What worries me
is I find I don't really care any more. You're all such good fun to talk
to!!!!!!!   <g>


From: George Johnsen <ndeiprod at>
Date: 5 Apr 1997 12:24:53 -0500
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>From the perspective of the staff, I can say that rastb5m gets read with
regularity, while rastb5 gets read from time to time.

The issue is not criticism, which usally has some basis when offered in
either group (okay, I'm being polite- sometimes it's just flamebait). 

The issue is civility.  When the work is treated with respect, whether
it is loved or hated, the poster gets taken seriously.  When the
criticism is thoughtful, we can agree or disagree, but at least we can
talk.  Whether it is through the moderator, or through moderation,
rastb5m is a more homey place to hang out.  

The fact is, there is not one episode that we wouldn't like to have at
least one more tweak on before it really escapes into the cosmos. As a
very good friend of mine says often, Art is never complete it is only
abandoned.  From that perspective, criticism is mutual.

George Johnsen
CoProducer, B5

PS- about the last scene bears...... really have to ask Joe.

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