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In the course of one weekend, I have had the occasion to watch 24 eps in a row.

The occasion?  Receipt of the first twelve eps in the British tape series...I now
own a PAL tape deck and wanted official copies.  A friend told me that JMS was
wondering what this was like.

Well, I could go for the symbolic version:  rather like immersing oneself in a hot
bath, getting used to the water as the eps go on, becoming familiar with it...then 
getting a rush over and over as the water goes cold and you have to add more hot
water to make it comfortable again.

I could...but that would be rather pretentious, and not quite accurate.

What it is really is mindboggling.

You see all sorts of layers that didn't strike you at first.  You see indications of
storylines that you would never have dreamed of...(I didn't anyway) upon first

And you come away with a newfound appreciation for the strength of talent, character
and purpose it takes to create such a show, to bring such a vision to the screen, to the

I've said it before, Joe, but thank you once again.  From the bottom of my heart
for some of the best science fiction it has been my pleasure to read or view in
35 years of reading and watching science fiction.

Sue Phillips

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Date: 21 Apr 1997 00:52:53 -0400
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(grinning ear to ear)

Thank *you*.


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