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>What's going on at Babylonian these days? What's going on in post
>production as well as preproduction? 

We're deep in prep on the first few episodes, since we begin shooting on
the 18th.  Also finishing up the last few from S4; 419 is finished (and is
amazing in terms of EFX), we'll mix 420 and 421 over the next week or so,
then hustle 501 to finish in time to be aired in 422's place.

We've finished the producers' cuts of the two TNT Movies, and have come
through without notes.  Everyone loves 'em, and agrees that while
Thirdspace is very cool, In the Beginning is the best thing we've ever
done.  On every level: acting, writing, the directing, sets,
costumes...everything.  This one's got Hugo written all over it.  (Which
makes it hard to look at, but there you are.)  Maybe even Ace.

>How's the writing going so far?

Writing my brains out to get up to speed after the CC thing and getting
the word a month later than usual.  In the last 25 days I've written 5
scripts, and that's *with* me doing 3 conventions in 3 weeks.  I've
written in hotel rooms, on airplanes, in the backs of cars going to adn
from airports, on trains, just to catch up to where we *need* to be on the
first day of shooting.

Interesting enough...I kinda like these scripts.  There isn't time for
second-guessing, it all has to just flow right out of the subconscious. 
And that's where the good stuff is.
>Have you had any casting sessions yet for Lochley?
Yesterday (Monday).  Still looking.  It takes time.  I think we had six or
so calls before we settled on Andreas for G'Kar.

>Just generally is there any news you think we should be privy to? 



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