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     TNT just had a program on the Western film genre. One of the 
     lines that stood out to me is that Kevin Costner was 
     credited with resurrecting the Western with "Dances With 
     Wolves". I believe that to be a true statement. I am a big 
     fan of the Western and am quite dismayed that television 
     doesn't really do westerns anymore. (Well TNT still does 
     some made for TV movies.)Dr.. Quinn doesn't really do it for 
     me. It then dawned on me( I am a forty watt bulb in a 
     hundred watt world), that you have resurrected science 
     fiction for TV. Other then Star Trek( and I like DS9) there 
     would be no science fiction for TV. Space A&B didn't make it 
     and it had the backing of Fox and the producers of the 
     X-Files behind it and all the other shows like Space Rangers 
     and Alien Nation that failed. I don't think Stargate would 
     be on Showtime if B5 hadn't been as successful as it has 
     been. I wouldn't be surprised to find that their is probably 
     a lot of pitching for science fiction shows out there right 
     now because of Babylon 5. "JB we have this plot development 
     for a sci-fi show just like B5 but with a cute little alien 
     and a teenage heartthrob. Whattya think JB? Do you like it? 
     Its a real winner. Can we do lunch?".  So do you feel like 
     writing a Western because if you can do to Westerns what you 
     have done for science fiction then Dusty rides the trail 

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I think I'd be pretty dreadful as a western writer....

>From what I've seen around town, B5 is doing a lot to revive SF on TV, and
for the moment, other than X-Files, it's one of the few SF shows still
around, providing an alternative.  That's always a good thing.

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