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>      Hatrack would, of course, be a loose interpretation of the bony
>crest at the top of a Minbari's head.
>      (long pause to see if he buys it or not)
>      Okay, okay...bear in mind that if you misuse the language you
>can create words that don't actually exist.  In German, for instance,
>they create new words by adding suffixes and prefixes to previous words
>(as Mark Twain said, they eventually acquire a perspective, like a
>train receding into the distance).  The fact that Ivanova came up with
>that word -- taking English in her head and trying to find Minbari
>equivilants -- doesn't mean that it *is* a word to the Minbari.  I can
>say, "uberfleidermaus," which would mean "the supervising bat," but
>that ain't a word the Germans would recognize, even though it is in
>                                                                  jms

Hi Joe !

 I didn´t know that you are speaking German :-)

So just by the way - this was a  nice word creation  -
actually nobody would think of " Überfledermaus"
as a real word - but everybody would know what
you meant by it.

But one thing bothers me - how did it come,
 that you were thinking of a  " supervising bat"?!

Did you think of someone special ?????????


WHAM WHAM WHAM - uh oh - here they come.........................

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>But one thing bothers me - how did it come,
> that you were thinking of a  " supervising bat"?!
>Did you think of someone special ?????????


I work for Warner Bros.


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