Question for Anyone: A B5 franchise?

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Here's a question for discussion:

With all the talk of a possible third TNT-movie, a theatrical movie, various
merchandise, and a complete second B5 series, is the Babylon Project
universe becoming a Warner Bros. franchise?  It seems to me that it's taking
the exact same course as the Star Trek empire did in the early eighties,
with everybody swearing up and down that "this movie will be the last," only
to come up with newer (and less interesting) ideas.  (Of course, JMS has
proven to be a truly brilliant writer, so my concern for quality is somewhat
eased.)  In short, are we approaching the point where B5 is continuing not
so much because there's more that JMS needs to say, but because it can sell?

Samuel Kessler
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To my mind (such as it is), something becomes a franchise when it leaves
the hands of its original creator and is farmed out to diverse hands.  As
somebody said during a recent election, "it's a vision thing."

Also, B5 ain't nearly big enough or well known enough to qualify.  Nor
will it ever be a massively popular show; it's a show that takes some
thought and effort, and that will always keep it a nominally "cult" show,
and that pretty much assures that it won't become a franchise.

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