two duplicates from August 8th and 9th

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Mon Aug 18 13:22:07 EDT 1997

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The following two messages are duplicates that you have already seen more
than a week ago:

	"from jms: last word (SiL spoilers, according to the moderators)"
	"JMS on CompuServe (Aug 09, 1997) *POSSIBLE SPOILERS*"

Once in a while, a really bad mailer out there will bounce messages in a
manner not conformant with RFCs, resulting in a repost.  Those of you who've
been on b5jms long enough may recall this had happened in the past.  While
this particular problem happens maybe 2-3 times a year, it is not easily
stoppable, and is likely to occur again.

My policy had been, and still is, that I automatically remove *every*
subscriber from a domain that has such a terribly misconfigured mailer.
Even just one small message, sent to over 3500 subscribers of b5jms, results
in lots of wasted resources and time on everyone's part.  Hence the "harsh"

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