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On 16 Dec 1997 13:02:48 -0700, Jms at B5 <jmsatb5 at> wrote:
>> I would
>>guess, however, that many B5 fans think
>>it is over.  Is TNT doing anything to
>>attact the attention of B5 fans who are
>>not on cable or the internet?
>I know, I hear from a lot of folks who *are* on the net and who think the show
>has been canceled.  All TNT can do is what they're doing, a massive print and
>TV ad campaign to let folks know.  There's a ten million dollar value campaign
>behind the launch on TNT, print ads, bus ads, there will be commercials on ST
>and X-Files, a four-page spread in Entertainment Weekly in the next week or so,
>and I've been giving a busload of press interviews lately: TV Guide, USA Today,
>Chicago Tribune, others, and I'll be shlepped out to NY sometime in January to
>do more press stuff.  They're dedicated to really selling this thing.

	Well, another TV Guide cover issue won't hurt this effort a bit.
	How much weight does Uncle Ted carry w/ TVG?

	It's a pity that the Claudia Christian problem didn't blow up
	enough to make People Magazine (or even some of the bottom
	feeder rags- though I suspect many others, like me, don't hold
	People in much esteem anyway :-).

	Hey, scandal is what placed slick Willy on the map;  Don't
	underestimate the whining of the press.		:-)	:-)

	Heck, I wonder if Playboy would want to interview you (JMS)...
	...which would REALLY honk fans off since so many of us don't
	find it interesting enough to purchase otherwise...	:-)

	And if anybody took the previous 3 paragraphs seriously I
	would worry about their level of desperation...

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Here's ironic...apparently the last ST cover didn't sell well at *all*, and
because of that, TV Guide has wondered if a B5 cover would sell well...again,
some of them have a hard time separating out one show from another, they seem
to think they're all the same.

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