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Subject: jms graphics note (cgal repost)
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From: mmontalvo at (Maria Ana Montalvo)
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Joe posted this over at (I got his permission
to repost):

>Just a quick note with two purposes: 
>1) to alert folks interested in Lightwave to check out the B5 episode
>airing in about 2 weeks, "Into the Fire," the second new episode back, to
>see some nifty stuff one can do when one applies oneself.  That episode
>has roughly 114 CGI shots in 43 minutes, and are easily some of the most
>elaborate ever done for TV.  (There's some nice stuff toward the latter
>half of this coming week's episode, but the following one is the big
>2) to plink the noses of those on here who came on proclaiming that "good
>sources" told them that the CGI EFX on B5 would either go to hell, or look
>crappy, or be less than before.  We're now doing far more EFX than in any
>previous season, and more elaborate shots.  I said these individuals were
>full of it then, and the facts have spoken for themselves in the time
>since.  These individuals have since dropped away and gotten real silent. 
>I hope they'll be as forthright now that they've been shown to be wrong as
>they were in their original proclamations.
>Otherwise we'd have to assume that these individuals were spewing out
>things they knew weren't true, just to poison the well and cause us grief,
>and I just can't *imagine* that *anyone* would do something like that....
> jms

I've been using Lightwave for about a month now, and have new-found respect
for the CGI....



From: billones at (Jeremy Billones)
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Silly question:

In article <5ctgvc$e3j at>,
Mojo <Mojo at> wrote:
>- Netter Digital did not negotiate with us - after we delievered our
>final offer (which did not ask for a bigger budget) there was silence.

Uhh... if it was your final offer, what's to negotiate?

Jeremy Billones                
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"Promised net facilities were made unavailable to us at the last moment, pitches
were prepared like national roads, top players were omitted by county sides,
targets we set were not chased and hosts did not show up at cocktail parties."


From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
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I will point out to you that in my original message, I never even
MENTIONED Foundation, or referred to it in any way, manner, shape or form.

You did that on your own.  You made baseless statements about our entire
EFX team coming from Foundation, when you know this is an absolute and
utter fabrication on your part.  

If you've got a problem with this topic being brought up, it's you who did
it, so take your concerns to the mirror.

Me, I'm out of this.

"All I can say is that Joe REALLY doesn't know how to take a sarcastic
comment in good stride!"

Maybe, in future, if you didn't just drop in "sarcastic comments"
randomly, you wouldn't have problems like this.  Every time I have made a
positive comment about the EFX this season, you have jumped in with
sarcasm.  Grow up, Mojo.

Meanwhile, as far as I'm concerned, this thread is over.


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