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Preface: a couple years ago, I was watching the promos to "Robin Hood:
Prince of Thieves" and I noticed that the music they used came from
"Willow." Last night, I was watching trailers to "The Saint" and discovered
that the music they were using there came from "Crimson Tide" (to which I'd
just gotten the soundtrack, so I know whereof I speak), by Hans Zimmer.
Finally, I know that Jerry Goldsmith has re-used his Star Trek: The Motion
Picture music in Star Trek V and ST:First Contact and that Joseph LoDuca,
who scored "Army of Darkness", used a lot of that music for Hercules and

What this comes down to, I guess, is that while screenwriters don't retain
copyright to their works, composers apparently do. Is this the case, or is
there something else going on? In other words, if Chris Franke wanted to,
could he use themes from B5 in another project without freaking anyone out,
or could some random advertising person use his music in a movie trailer?

This has been bugging me (as a question, not as a fact) for years.

Kevin Munoz
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I think there are certain separated rights...but for the examples you
cited, they were probably done via arrangements with the studios, not the


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