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I just saw the first message I can remember from George Johnsen, B5
co-producer and head of Post Production on BABYLON 5.  His message here
was signed George Johnsen <ndeiprod at>.

For those interested in the details of post-production -- sound, music,
editing, CGI, other stuff -- George is the guy to ask.  George is
one-third of the Terrible Triumverate without which B5 would not happen,
and even if it did happen, wouldn't be a fraction as good as it is.  (The
other two being me, one presumes, and John Copeland, one fears.)

Everybody join in welcoming George...make him feel at home...and feel free
to ask him all the technical questions you've considered asking me, but
knew you wouldn't get back an even reasonably intelligent reply.  (Insert
evil laughter here.)

(George also makes a *great* convention speaker, incidentally.  Simply a
word to the wise.)

George also did the closing voice-over in season 1 of B5, by the way.  

This newsgroup is now officially bi-producial.  Bi-producerial. 


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